Quality Improvement Services


Coldspring Center's staff bring years of expertise and practical experience to the quality revolution. We work with our clients to integrate quality improvement into the DNA of their operations, helping them to meet the requirements of funders and, more importantly, the needs of the clients and communities they serve. Coldspring Center understands the importance of finding the right measures and efficient ways to utilize data for organizational or system improvement processes.


Technical assistance: Coldspring Center offers technical assistance related to program implementation in a sustainable and transformative manner. Technical assistance can be used in initial planning stages, throughout implementation, as ongoing coaching, and/or include program evaluation.



Evaluation and assessment: Coldspring also offers assistance in the development and implementation of customized program evaluation. From macro level assessment of system’s change, to micro evaluation of programming, Coldspring designs our tools to meet our clients’ individual needs. Coldspring utilizes a mixed methods approach to evaluation, incorporating quantitative and qualitative methods to enhance overall understanding of the questions at hand.



Program development: Using best practice models and national standards of care as a starting point, Coldspring Center provides assistance with the development of programs that meet grantor requirements and improve client outcomes. Methods utilized for program design include: logic modeling, establishing clear, measurable, and achievable objectives, and developing strategies for implementation/evaluation.


Information system development: Coldspring Center assists organizations to assess their software needs, analyze available software to meet the program’s needs, document the program’s software needs and requirements, and project plan and manage information system development. On a limited basis, Coldspring Center assists with the design of software and works closely with Illumicode, LLC to develop software that is customized to meet an organization’s unique needs.


Program monitoring, quality assurance, and improvement: Coldspring Center works with organizations and larger systems of care to identify or create standards of care, as well as measure compliance to established standards. Most importantly, Coldspring is excited to help organizations implement strategic, meaningful, and measurable improvement processes that improve outcomes for clients.


Strategic planning: Coldspring Center works with organizations and larger systems of care to implement and fully utilize strategic planning as an integral part of their work. When strategic planning works alongside a vision framework that aligns with the unique purpose and mission of an organization, it can be a powerful motivating and energizing force towards change.


Facilitation: The staff at Coldspring Center utilize their expertise in group dynamics, business improvement processes, and clinical outcomes to provide skilled and insightful facilitation that serves our clients well. We have experience facilitating retreats, meetings, and outcome-focused events with collaborative groups, systems of care, health care systems, organizations, and programs. Coldspring Center's skilled facilitators help our clients define intentions, goals, and objectives in order to ensure that the strengths and energy of the group yields meaningful results.



Coldspring team photos © Brianna Doby

Coldspring Center for Social & Health Innovation's mission is to improve the social, emotional, and physical health of individuals and communities in need worldwide.