Resources for Human Service Providers

Responding to COVID-19


Physical Distancing - Social Solidarity



Most people have had trauma in their lives, staff and clients alike.  The emerging world-wide health, social, political and economic crisis caused by the novel coronavirus, COVID-19, is triggering for all of us and interferes with our ability to provide quality services to the vulnerable populations we serve.  Choosing a trauma informed approach to all our interactions with co-workers, clients, family, and strangers is the first step to offering a healing and effective presence in the world we are in today.  The following information can assist with navigating the current situation in a way that protects staff and clients, builds and embodies resilience, and chooses social solidarity in this time of physical distancing.


This resource includes two sections:


  1. Information to help providers navigate COVID-19. Provides reminders and ways to think about your work with clients, self-care and the role of leaders.


   2. A list of resources by category including:


    • Basic COVID-19 Information for client education
    • Setting up your team for success working remotely
    • Nonprofit Preparedness Resources
    • HIV and COVID-19
    • Self-Care & Resilience
    • People Experiencing Homelessness
    • Reducing Stigma
    • Mental Health, Anxiety & Stress
    • Parents and Children




Physical Distancing - Social Solidarity: Resources for Human Service Providers

Responding to COVID-19

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