Medical Case Management Certificate


The blended learning training model combines two days of interactive in-person training with 14 online courses.  For the HIV Case Manager certificate, there are an additional 3 online courses.


Trainers utilize a participant-centered workshop approach, which includes interactions and adult learning activities to maximize learning, retention, and application of workshop concepts. These approaches, combined with a mastery of the topic and research, allow delivery of in-depth subject matter in a practical manner, targeted to the needs of the specific audience.


Continuing Education Credits (CECs)

  • HIV MCM Certificate - 26 hours/CECs
  • General MCM Certificate - 24 hours/CECs


In-Person Training (Two Days)

  • Motivational Interviewing Skills Building
  • Trauma Informed Medical Case Management
  • Thrive: Self-Care & Culture

There are two options for taking this certificate:

All Online

Blended (Online and In-Person)

Program Descriptions and Cost:


For HIV Case Managers:





For general audience Case Managers

Blended (Online and In-Person)

Online Training Series: Foundations in the Helping Professions Series (5 courses)

  • Introduction to the Certificate Program
  • Structuring the Helping Relationship
  • HIPAA & Confidentiality
  • Multicultural Approaches in the Helping Relationship
  • Understanding & Handling Difficult Situations


Online Training Series: HIV Foundations (3 courses)

  • HIV Basics & Prevention
  • HIV & the Immune System
  • HIV Treatment & Medications


Online Training Series: Motivational Interviewing (MI) Series (9 courses)

  • MI Basics
  • MI & Stages of Change
  • MI Step 1: Engage
  • MI & Harm Reduction
  • MI Step 2: Focus
  • MI Step 3: Evoke
  • MI & the Importance Ruler
  • MI Step 4: Plan
  • MI & Medical Adherence

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