Medical Case Management Certificate

The Medical Case Management (MCM) Certificate focus' on the skills needed by medical case managers, non-medical case managers, patient navigators, community health workers, linkage, outreach, and prevention staff. It provides a solid knowledge base, along with the clinical skills required to succeed with a diverse set of clients.  The curriculum can be implemented with a general audience, or with additional content for HIV medical case managers.



"Thank you so much for allowing me to be a part of this training session. I found it to be enlightening and very informative. My confidence has been boosted beyond measure."


"I came into the training pretty burnt out. I feel much more refreshed and affirmed now. Hearing others' ideas has been very helpful. Knowing that both trainers have done our jobs and have real life experience has made it more real and helpful."


"Great energy, engagement. Respectful, clear, prepared, informative. Enjoyable experience. Thank you."


"I found it extremely helpful that both of you were case managers and could relate to our situations and how best to improve our skills. I enjoyed your energy, humor, and kindness throughout the training. You took the time to make this training personal and real. I was somewhat dreading this training because I had been to many before. You made this training very enjoyable and worthwhile. Thank you."


"I really enjoyed the speaker (personally). He kept the training exciting and free from boredom. The way he presented each topic in a fun and friendly manner kept me engaged. He is knowledgeable in the subject areas and incorporated personal stories."

There are two options for taking this certificate:

All Online

Blended (Online and In-Person)

Program Descriptions and Cost:


For HIV Case Managers:









For general audience Case Managers


The curriculum was designed to meet the Health Resources & Services Administration (HRSA) MCM definition and to support the required key activities and health outcomes.

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