Thrive: Self-care & Culture



In-Person training can be customized to meet your needs. Trainers utilize a participant-centered workshop approach, which includes interactions and adult learning activities to maximize learning, retention, and application of workshop concepts. These approaches, combined with a mastery of the topic and research, allow delivery of in-depth subject matter in a practical manner, targeted to the needs of the specific audience. It can be presented as:


  • 75-90 minute workshop
  • Half-day training
  • Full-day training
  • Trainings can also be customized to focus on the particular needs of health care settings, behavioral health providers, homeless services, libraries, schools, prevention and outreach programs, and HIV service providers


There are two options for taking this series:

Program Descriptions and Cost:


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Coldspring Center for Social & Health Innovation's mission is to improve the social, emotional, and physical health of individuals and communities in need worldwide.