Trauma Informed Excellence® (TIE)



The Trauma Informed Excellence® (TIE) Model

was developed to give organizations and systems of care the knowledge and skills to fully integrate the trauma informed paradigm into their operations. There are four trainings in the TIE Series:


The Trauma Informed Paradigm


Trauma Informed definition (SAMHSA):

“When a human service program takes the step to become trauma-informed, every part of its organization, management, and service delivery system is assessed and potentially modified to include a basic understanding of how trauma affects the life of an individual seeking services. Trauma-informed organizations, programs, and services are based on an understanding of the vulnerabilities or triggers of trauma survivors that traditional service delivery approaches may exacerbate, so that these services and programs can be more supportive and avoid re-traumatization.”


Paradigm Shift: A new way of thinking that challenges

existing belief structures.


Most organizations fall on a continuum between being unaware and informed about trauma and its impact on clients and staff.



"Absolutely excellent! Very valuable information. It energizes and makes me excited to get back to work. It was communicated in a way that was very clear, interesting, and engaging."


"Appreciated the training aspects on self-care. Pleased that the culture of trauma informed care is more visible, accessible."


"This is the best workshop I've been to in years!"


"I think this is essential learning/education for all leaders and supervisors within a human service agency."


"Opened my eyes and challenged me to look at 'the bigger picture.' Very informative application, passionate delivery of information. Practical skills to implement into my day to day activities."

There are two options for taking this series:

All Online


Program Descriptions and Cost:

  1. Thrive: Self-Care & Culture
  2. Trauma Informed Leadership
  3. Trauma Informed Care
  4. Trauma Specific Treatment

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